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Saturday, 6 February 2010

Laat je gaan / Just let go - Petra and Co

Phil Sterman, Phil Wilde and A. Larson wrote 'Laat je gaan' / 'Just let go' and recorded it with vocalist Petra de Steur. It was the end of the Eighties and repetitive techno and house tracks were all the rage. The single was released in the autumn of 1989 and became a hit in Belgium and the Netherlands.

In the Dutch Top 40, the single reached number 19 in the Dutch Top 40. Petra & co continued for a couple of years, until producer Phil de Wilde moved on to other acts, such as 2 Unlimited.

My collection: 7" single no. 4552
Found: Empire Records, Den Haag, February 4, 2010
Cost: 0,5 euro
Tracks: 'Just let go' / 'Laat je gaan'

Sunday, 24 January 2010

Jij daar! - Petra and Co.

Petra De Steur was born in Gent, Belgium on June 20, 1972. She was discovered in 1988 and scored a series of hits in Belgium between 1989 and 1992 as Petra & Co. 'Jij daar', a dance song produced by wellknown producer Phil de Wilde (who's worked with Kabouter Plop, K-Otic and Kate Ryan) and low on substance, was their second hit in the Netherlands, peaking at number 8 in the Dutch Top 40.

She reinvented herself in 2006 and is known since then as La Sakhra.

My collection: 7" single no. 4447
Found: Kringloop, Sassenheim, January 23, 2010
Cost: 0,12 euro
Tracks: 'Jij daar!' / 'Where and when'

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